Friesian Mare

1/5/2004 – 31/3/2009

Sire: Ulbert 390

Dam: Zabriena W. (x Jurgen)

In September 2005, we were delighted to welcome to Huntington from The Netherlands a beautiful and vivacious yearling filly - Martha v. d. Sanbuorren. She is a significant addition to our stud and has ensured that we are keeping up to date with current breeding trends in The Netherlands.

Martha is by Ulbert 390, a stallion very much in favour in The Netherlands and is from Zabriena W., a beautiful ster mare by Jurgen 303 (dec). She represents the ultimate modern Friesian, displaying elegance and refinement with her long legs and desirable 'swan like' neck.

Martha began her harness career in 2007 by participating in Orienteering competitions that are organised during the winter months by the Southern Highlands Carriage Driving Club. She has been introduced to all sorts of interesting things during these drives including other ridden and driven horses, motor bikes, kangaroos and even the occasional emu!

Martha competed in her first Combined Driving Event in September 2008 where her results in the Dressage and Marathon phases were particularly pleasing. The Cones course was a real eye opener for her due to the extremely strong, gusting wind which made some of the gates that were decorated with flags quite challenging for a novice horse. She finished fourth overall in the Novice Horse Class, missing third place by 4/10ths of a point.Sadly, Martha developed laminitis in February 2009 and despite all efforts to help her she was euthanized on March 31st.   This beautiful mare is greatly missed.