Explanation of the Friesian Studbook

The Friesian Studbook

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this is colloquially known as the 'Main' studbook and horses must be 3 years and over and have 2 Studbook parents to be eligible for entry. The Studbook is further divided up by predicates or awards for excellence ie - Ster, Model, Preferent and Prestatie or 'Performance Mother' (for mares whose offspring are excelling in the sporting disciplines). The only way a stallion can gain entrance to this Studbook is to pass stringent testing including semen analysis, x-rays, performance exams (both ridden and harness) and be graded on his manners, behaviour, temperament, ability and willingness to learn. Once he has passed all of these, only then can he be granted the privileged status of 'Studbook' and he is given his new name and 3 digit Studbook number. Even then his status is not assured, as his offspring must then pass the progeny test before his rating is considered permanent.



This is the register for all Friesian foals of 2 Studbook parents prior to their testing and entry into the Main Studbook at 3 years of age. Horses that fail the entry judging remain in the Foalbook for life (this is most stallions as less than 1% will become approved as sires).


B-Book 1 Studbook

This is the adult Studbook for all Friesians who have been sired by either a Studbook stallion and mare from either of the B-Books or by a licensed Foalbook stallion and a mare of any status. BB1 horses are judged exactly the same as Main Studbook horses and are eligible for the same predicates. An interesting point to note is that our 2 highest ranking Australian bred (ie not imported) horses are both BB1 and one has been awarded Ster, the other a 1st premie and Overall National Keuring Champion. BB1 registration does not indicate lesser quality. In the past, horses with this level of registration were all that was offered for sale. Now it is easier to import horses with Studbook registration and frozen semen for breeding is more readily available. Studbook foals born in Australia are becoming easier to obtain.

It is important to note that the female offspring of BB1 registered mares can be upgraded to Studbook status after three generations of breeding to Approved Stallions. Currently, this can only be done via artificial insemination with frozen semen. Naturally, this does depend on the quality of the horses themselves and the opinions of the FPS judging panel.


B-Book 1 Foalbook

Is the register for all Friesian foals sired by either a Studbook stallion and a mare from either of the B-Books or a licensed Foalbook stallion and a mare of any status. Foals are judged for entry into the Studbook at 3 years of age and as with Main Foalbook, those not considered good enough will remain in the Foalbook for life.


B-Book 2

Is the register for all Friesians whose sire is not licensed, nor in the Studbook and from any mare, regardless of status. The FPS will not judge BB2 horses, and they are not eligible for increases in status, nor for predicates. BB2 registration does not indicate the Friesian is necessarily of lesser quality, conformation or action.

The daughters of BB2 mares that are sired by imported frozen semen can be upgraded to BB1 status.

Further Information: http://www.friesianhorses.com.au/kfps.htm